14 Juli 2013, kl.17:56

ny favorit film

Bokstavligt älskade denna filmen. Man trodde att man fattade något men man blev så mindfuckad i slutet.. Det var det sjukaste verkligen, ni som har sett inception.. Så komplicerat var det. Älskar älskar älskar!

03 Juli 2013, kl.00:44

Grattis på födelsedagen till.. MIG!

creepy biatch. 

25 Juni 2013, kl.03:32

statusar på fb

Jag gråter av skratt när jag scrollar ner och läser mina gamla statusar.. För ett år sedan så hittade jag någon sak på internet som kunde ta bort alla statusar man någonsin har gjort på facebook, så jag gjorde det men nu har dom tydligen kommit tillbaka.. Och det är ganska kul verkligen.. Hur patetisk och oskyldig man var i den åldern, och det var ju egentligen grejen med facebook, att berätta vad man gör, gjorde eller hade gjort, men nu för tiden är det väl bara "ingenting" egentligen. Det är så jävla kul att läsa sånt här.. Vad tänkte jag med när jag skrev dessa statusar?! Haha.. Jag som ultimatum hatar smileysar också.. Nu vet jag varför, det var nog för att jag gjorde dom så mycket när jag var yngre som gjorde att jag tröttnade på dom.. Jajamen. Saknar faktiskt dessa tider.. Alla interna skämt med min förra klass, shit alltså.

23 Maj 2013, kl.22:32

Patrick Dempsey

Seriöst, vad är grejen med det perfekta håret och det mystiska smilet? Kommer förevigt vara fäst vid dessa MYCKET äldre män. jg2por2åmfoqad#"?#2@ = startstrucked.

20 Maj 2013, kl.23:35

Mila Kunis, wise words.

18 Maj 2013, kl.23:25


Fan va grym hon var! Mycket bättre än alla deltagande!

12 Maj 2013, kl.17:02


12 Maj 2013, kl.01:02


I think I'm crazy to fall head over heels for somebody who's forbidden.

11 Maj 2013, kl.00:54

Million of thoughts explode like a freaking bomb.

10 Maj 2013, kl.22:57

All I want is, Him.

06 Maj 2013, kl.00:53

sometimes I just don't know what to do.

I've never felt love, experienced love, been in love, been loved, seen true love, you can say that I don't believe in love. But how come when I look at you, I know, from inside out that you're the one.

04 Maj 2013, kl.23:59

99 Personal Development Questions That Will Make You Think.

1. If you woke up tomorrow with no fear, what would you do first? Kiss a stranger.

2. What was your biggest worry five years ago, do you still feel the same about it at this minute? To miss my favorite program on the TV, so no I don't feel the same about it now.

3. What advice would you give the ‘5 year old you’? Don't grow up.

4. Can you picture the child you once were, what were they really good at? Having fun.

5. Who did you last gossip about, how do you feel about it now? Hm, can't remember.

6. What promises have you never carried through for yourself? Stop eating junk food.

7. If you could change one law of your country, what would it be? Driver license from 18 to 16.

8. Have you ever expected ‘love in return’?  Did you get it? Yes and no.

9. Do you play to work, or work to play? What..?

10. When did you last laugh so much, it hurt? Last basketball training.

11. What’s the most marvellous thing you have ever seen with your own eyes? People not giving up.

12. When did you last say thank you and sincerely mean it? When my mom bought me sushi.

13. What’s your number one priority? To live and have fun while doing it.

14. Who do you need to get in touch with because it’s been to long? My former best-friend.

15. What relationships have ended? But you can’t let go? No one.

16. Who do you blame? My self.

17. Are you a starter or a finisher? Both.

18. When did you last do something for nothing in return? Can't remember.

19. When did your heart last ‘skip a beat’? Why? A week ago. Got a text message.

20. Where would you take a road trip? To Australia or California.

21. Who in your life do you wish you’d met sooner? My twin.

22. Do you always want the answer to ‘what are you thinking about?’ Yes.

23. How are things going for you, now? Okay, I guess.

24. When did you last talk yourself out of something when deep down you wanted to do it? Wednesday. Didn't go to the gym.

25. Do you live your life around days of the week? Kind of.

26. How do Mondays feel for you? Hateful.

27. If you could spend ten minutes with your ‘hero’ alive or dead what would you ask them? Don't really have a hero.

28. Is a year past more important than the next hour to come? No.

29. Do your practice ‘self love’ or ‘self loathing’? Self loathing.

30. What’s your greatest achievement to date? Started training seriously.

31. What scares you about your future? Does it matter if it isn’t even here yet? My job. Yes, it matters.

32. What must you do daily to keep yourself ‘sane’ ? Train.

33. How many hours a week do you spend watching tele and on the internet? How many hours do you spend alone with you? To many hours on the internet. A couple hours by myself.

34. If we all died at 35, what have you still to do?  What did you miss? Write a book. Create a organization for homeless people. Travel to California. 

35. If you had to move country tomorrow, where would you go? California.

36. Why does pizza come in a square box? It's easier to make?

37. What answers are you seeking about your life? Nothing particular.

38. Do you like the sound of your own voice?  How does it sound when you are complaining? No, I don't. Horrifying.

39. When did you last listen to the sound of your own breathing? Today at the gym.

40. What are you just not seeing?How can I know if I can't see it?

41. Would you love to spend quality time with you? Yes, I would.

42. What aspects of you, do you keep hidden from close friends but expose to loved ones? Don't really understand this question. But I tend to trust people easy, and that's something I always end up regretting.

43. When did you last judge someone who you didn’t know? Friday.

44. What would you call your autobiography? It's okay to fuck up.

45. What do you need to learn but won’t admit to? Cooking.

46. Are you a goal setter or a ‘whatever will be, will be’ person? Goal setter, most of the times.

47. How would you hate to be described? Lazy.

48. What genius would you be? Why? The one that cure cancer. Just because.

49. When did you last make a mistake and be okay with it? Never.

50. What would happen if you knew you could not fail? I would not fail..?

51. How does it feel to be photographed? Sometimes fun, sometimes not.

52. Is trust more important than love, or is it the other way round? Trust is more important than love.

53. What do you wish you had invented? A remote that controls time.

54. If you could erase an event from your mind, which one would you choose? Meeting him.

55. If you could ‘dare yourself’ what would it be? Bungeejumping.

56. Are you living your life, or having a life? I'm having a life.

57. What learning from today are you taking into tomorrow? Never give up.

58. What makes you special, unique and talented? I'm me.

59. What your perfect day look like? Wake up. Healthy breakfast. Training. Be with him. Eat with him. Love with him. Sleep with him. The end.

60. What one thing do you need to do next? Put on some clothes.

61. What life legacy are you leaving? ..?

62. Do you want your children (if you have any) to be ‘just like you’? No.

63. Are you playing games with yourself where the rules are preventing you from reaching your goals? Sometimes yes.

64. Who do you dispose your garbage on? Myself mostly.

65. What negative experience keep happening time and time again for you? When are you going to learn from them? Trusting people. Probably never.

66. What do you consistently attract in your life that is no longer good enough for you? Love.

67. What have you given up but yet used to love? Basketball.

68. Do you stand for what you believe in or are you pleasing others? I stand up for what I believe.

69. What does the life you want to live look like? Graduate. Travel to Cali. Be with him. Die with him.

70. What questions here have you skipped over because they are too hard for you to handle? Am I good enough?

71. Would you fall head over heels in love with you? Never.

72. Are you making your difference in the world or stagnating? I want to make a difference in the world.

73. What does praise and admiration sound like to you? Don't know.

74. If you woke up tomorrow with a habit gone, what would it be? Eating junkfood.

75. How long are you going to be dead? Not long.

76. What risk do you need to take? Every possible.

77. If money were no concern, what would you do for the rest of your life? Save the world.

78. What’s your earliest memory of achievement? Today.

79. What are you thankful for, this moment? My mom. The best in the whole freaking world.

80. Where in your life do you give up accountability? Love.

81. What does it feel like to change? Wonderful.

82. What (or whom) drains your energy, why do you let it happen? Fake friends. Don't know.

83. Is tomorrow really another day? Always wondered that.

84. Who’s permission are you wanting on to achieve your goals? Will it actually come? My own.

85. Do you need to see things before you believe them? Yes, I do.

86. If your life were a TV programme, what would it be? Don't know. Revenge maybe?

87. When did you last argue with yourself? Was it purposeful? Today. Yes.

88. If you could talk to everyone in the world for 5 minutes, what would you say? The world is our to take care of, let's not destroy it. 

89. Would you defend a loved one, if you were breaking the law? Yes, I would.

90. When did you last lie and regret it? Long time ago.

91. Would you risk making a mistake? Yes.

92. When did you last say something and automatically regret it? Probably a week ago.

93. When did you last speak well of you? Today.

94. When is the right time to start a new goal? Now.

95. Can you hear your enemies talk about you? What are they saying? Yes, I can. Not good enough, too loud, hateful. The usual.

96. What in your life exhilarates you?  Do you do enough of it? Training.

97. Would you rather be poor and healthy or rich and ill? Rich and ill.

98. If you could learn a new skill today, what would it be? Photographic memory.

99. Do you have any questions you are scared to ask yourself? Will I ever be good enough?

03 Maj 2013, kl.22:32

a picture can say more than a thousand words.

kär. försvunnen. glädje. vilse. hat. desperat. deprimerad. ångest. fan.

01 Maj 2013, kl.23:39

thought in the night.

I think I like you because, you remind me of somebody.. Somebody that used to be special.

29 April 2013, kl.20:03

idag är det inte min dag..

Trodde att jag skulle må bra idag, men denna dagen blev skit, jag orkar faktiskt inte med någonting. Vill bara slänga spegeln i väggen för jag bara ORKAR inte att se på mig själv. Idag ligger självförtroendet på botten.

29 April 2013, kl.00:19

carefree and hard to understand, beneath it all is just a girl longing for a man.

Snackar med Twinie på skajp men ska snart gå och lägga mig, har försökt att mata in lite matte i hjärnan och förstår pq-formeln lite nu.. Jag har en lång väg att gå plus att jag bara har fyra dagar på mig vilket är lite jobbigt. Men jag får skylla mig själv som har lagt det åt sidan så länge. Nu ska jag lägga mig, godnatt käraste.
Dagens citat: People will always leave, and sometimes it hurts but didn't you know? When somebody walks out of your life its because they no longer belong there.

28 April 2013, kl.22:17

sakta men säkert kommer alla bitar falla på plats.

Det enda jag vet är att det första jag tänker på innan jag går och lägger mig och när jag vaknar upp är.. du.

28 April 2013, kl.21:17

jag förstår..

varför folk vill komma till himlen/paradiset när dom dör, det finaste vi har på hela jorden. Jag är glad över att jag fick mitt rum för där är det perfekt utsikt till himlen, ska nog börja spara till ett zoom-objektiv, detta är det närmsta jag kommer! Och det är inte nära nog!

27 April 2013, kl.17:34


Lackar på folk som klagar över sina liv, gör något åt skiten då.

27 April 2013, kl.00:48

fan på detta alltså

det var längesedan jag hade denna känslan.. att sakna någon. men nu är den tillbaka. jag saknar dig så mycket så att det känns som om jag har dött inombords. känns som om jag kvävs, lite som när man drunknar och inte får luft. fan. inte detta nu igen.

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