30 Maj 2013, kl.23:32

A walk through it all.

After we saw the Berlin Wall we were allowed to do whatever we wanted to do so our Germans asked us if we wanted to go to a famous eating place and we were like yeah, so we went there. Me, Caroline and Filip ate two curry sausages, french fries and drank a beer, it was super relaxing and fun! It took about half an hour to eat and after that we wanted to do something fun so we decided to just walk around and we ended up at the frozen yoghurt place but before that we saw reeaaaaally many people walking through the city and singing songs from the Bible, it was one of the coolest experiences I've ever had! I will of course show you better pictures of it later when I come back to Sweden. As I said we went to the Frozen Yoghurt place and after that we went by FOOT to Alexander Platz, imagine that it takes two stations to take the Estbahn but we wanted to see everything so we decied to go there instead!


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